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#1 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2015-12-12 00:21:39
1. Feedback
a. Feedback could be done based on and only after deal completed.
b. Feedback should be English in english speaking section or Russian in russian speaking section.
c. Feedback should be full and descriptive and with clear results. Short feedbacks will be deleted and issuers will be punished deservedly :)
d. Feedback about same shops will be grouped. But this would be later, and now:

2. Heading of the topic should include
a. - Title of the shop
b. - Title of the item
с. - Positive or Negative experience. (Not necessary, but likely to add on negative experience)

For example: - Super tank atomizer "Uchkuduk" (Negative)

3. Content.
a. Header.
b. Link to shop
с. Link to item in shop
d. Picture of the item from shop (not necessary), pictures of received item (if you received it)
e. Description of the goods, experience.

4. Rules are...
a. Not complete
b. Not perfect, like creation
с. So they will be corrected on the way and eternally.

p.s. do not judge me for my english, i'm russian and i'm try to improve it :)
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