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What is tracking number?
Tracking number (Consignment, shipment number) - special number assigned for postal item (shipment) to track items way and confirm its delivery to recipient
How to track where is my parcel?
If you want to track your shipment at our service you have to get tracking number and put it in the "Tracking number" box. Usually service find country of destination by itself and automaticalli track it there too.
But sometimes service cannot find country of delivery and it is better to set it from list before you track your item (recommended).
If you're tracking item with non standart number, please choose postal service from list to get better results (If you have standard number its better not to use this option)
When I will recieve my package?
Unfortunetely, we do not make any statistics of delivery at this moment. Because of that please do not ask Us when you will get your item on hands.
Better way to get information about delivery time is to call you postal service's phone.
Why my package returned to sender from customs
My package was returned to sender, but earlier packages with same items were delivered without faults. Whats happen?
Customs cannot do 100% clearance of packages because of nature causes, so sometimes stuff comes uncleared. But do not count this as a rule and it is better to learn customs rules, what can you receive in your country, and what can be despatched from country of sender.
Is it possible to track shipment by adress or name?
Unfortunetely tracking by address or name of recipient is not possible. The only way to track postal item is tracking number
Which countries can be tracked?
Today You can trace at our track and trace service postal items from most countries of the world and main transporters of the world (over 300). We are working on expand of list of trackable countries and transport companies and welcome to cooperate all interested in participating transport companies.
China post tracking
Tracking of China post items (посылок/писем) made by several wyas, because of main way is not stable. Because of that data about some of China items may be not full or appears late.
Aliexpress order tracking
If our service did not recognize postal service automatically, You need to contact your seller and ask him which shipping company he used to send your order. Then choose this company from the list and try search again. If there's no such company, then notify us about it, and we will try to fix that asap.
Registration at service

  • Go to register page.
  • Set up Your e-mail in Iniciar sesión field. It will be used to login in to service. Use only personal e-mail, which could be confirmed. Accounts opened with temporary e-mails will be deleted without warning.
  • Set up Your name or pseudo in Тombre field. It will be used when contacted.
  • Choose default interface language.
  • Set up password.
  • Re check all data and push Registro button. Wait until You receive confirmation e-mail with confirmation link.
  • Confirm Your e-mail.
  • Login to Your account using e-mail and password.

Registration issues.

  • Not received confirmation e-mail. Possible reasons:
    • Confirmation e-mail sent to spam. Check Your spambox. If You found confirmation e-mail in spambox please add our service into allowed sender list, to receive our update notifications.
    • You set wrong e-mail. Try register again with right e-mail
    • You used temporary e-mail service. Please use only personal e-mail with password.
    • If You set right e-mail but still not received confirmation e-mail, contact you e-mail service administrator, perhaps he deny our e-mails.
  • Error on e-mail confirmation. Perhaps You try to confirm already confirmed account. Try to login into account using e-mail and password.
  • Other problems with registration. Contact with service administrator and describe Your problem.

Notification duplicates

Our service built so it send notification on every new status added to database, because of that sometimes it can duplicate notifications. Duplicates could be sent for several reasons.

  • Service received same data from different postal services but in different timeframe. Due that it send several notifications with similar data.
  • Source postal service, changes structure of data. Our service count this data asnew and unique andsend notifications.
  • We made changes at controller, in next update old data processed with new rules.
As rule, these duplicates are single for every tracking number, and could be ignored. In case you receive multiple absolutely same notifications, then please contact service administrator.

How to track Aliexpress Seller's shipping method

Seller's shipping method - is not a company, but just a sign of shipping of order using transport company - not an Aliexpress partner. Seller's shipping method could be any transport company.

As a rule, seller add tracking number and transport company name in order details.
If your item send via Seller's shipping method, but seller haven't provided transport company name, then you have to contact seller and ask a link to a transport company's site.

After that, just pick you company from list and track. If thre's no company in the list, then please notify us about it.

Often Seller's shipping method - is a local logistic forwarder which has tracking only in China.

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